Organized can be beautiful too

05 Jan

Meet my new craft storage dresser.

Isn’t it beautiful?

OK, maybe not perfect but for less than $20 I have all of my craft supplies hidden away from view and still easily accessible. To me, that’s beauty. No more trekking to the poorly lit basement to dig through piles of supplies. And no more little clusters of stuff sitting around waiting to be drug back down the stairs and put “away”.

Want to see what this little gem looked like before? Come on, you know you want to…

Truly not pretty right. Looking like this, she was going to be banished to the basement for sure. Not the way to solve my storage dilemma. But it was $5. And I saw some major potential.

I took off the ugly old hardware and sanded her down really good to make it nice and smooth. I also had to do some repair work to the left side and to a couple of the drawers. Not to mention a MAJOR cleaning. This baby did not smell good at all.

A couple of coats of paint I had on hand and the lovely is starting to show.

Next, I mixed up a custom color for the stencil using some more paint I had on hand. I didn’t quite want the stencil to look too matchy-matchy, so I alternated the direction that I laid it down on each drawer.  I also stenciled the top and did some random placement of the largest circle on the sides.

Here’s how the top came out

To finish off I put new hardware on the drawers and mounted a hook on the side to hang projects in progress and I lined the drawers with some wrapping paper I had on hand.

Now I have a beautiful and functional storage piece for all my crafting supplies that I am proud to display in my home.

But, now it makes my desk look sad and neglected. I guess I’ll have to fix that.

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One response to “Organized can be beautiful too

  1. Uniquely Yours or Mine

    January 6, 2012 at 1:54 PM

    Hey! I have one of those too!! Old dresser that I put wood trim in between the knobs and some chalk paint to label the drawers.. I did this YEARS ago before chalkboard vinyl, which I would use now.. I also have used this for my girls Barbie & Bratz and their clothes!! It is a great use for a small dresser!


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