Yarn wrapped letter on the cheap

05 Jan

The newest edition to my living room decor.

So I’m sure you have seen a million of these yarn wrapped letters around blog-land. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

I know you can buy these paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s. But I find myself short on budget this time of year and thought, well why not make my own letter. After finding a font that I liked in Word I printed it in poster form so that it would be scaled quite large. Here’s how…

Once I had my letter printed and cut out, I traced and cut it out of two pieces of scrap cardboard.

The next step was to cut two-inch strips of light-weight cardboard (I used a pop case and a yogurt smoothie box). I taped them to the bottom piece and then placed the top B inside and taped it in place. This was NOT the easiest way to do this. ┬áIf I was to do it again, I would tape only the inner pieces down first to establish my thickness, then I would tape to the outside edges of both the top and bottom at the same time. There are a few places on my B that the top is “sunken” in.

Then using just small dabs of hot glue I wrapped the ends first. So that I was sure they would be covered. I also added a small square of felt to these ends to ensure they stayed secured (not pictured).

Then just wrap, wrap, and wrap some more. I used a bit of glue to hold here and there. I also found it easier to cut very long sections of yarn off the skein than to try to wrap straight from the large skein. I ended up with fewer tangles and less mess. I always glued the ends.

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