Corralling the critters

25 Jan
Corralling the critters

I am POSITIVE we can’t be the only family that is OVERRUN with stuffed animals. 

Right? Right?

Oh dear please tell me I’m right!

Here is the pile of critters that live in Ava’s room (to say nothing of Brady’s or the ones that stay in the playroom).

When Brady was a newborn and we only had a FEW stuffed friends, I made her a “pet net” out of some yellow gingham fabric that coordinated nicely with her nursery. Fast forward 5 years, the net is no longer cutting it.

I saw this genius solution on Pintrest


I thought this would be a perfect solution. Then I started looking in the random scraps of wood stored in the basement. I realized if I tweaked the design significantly, I could make this using what I had on hand.

We had three 4×1 boards that were about 3 feet long.


I painted them the same color as her walls and pre-drilled a hole in each end for mounting.

Then I mounted them on the wall with 2″ screws secured with drywall anchors.

Next came the sorting. I sorted the critters into three groups, small medium and large.

I cut strips of elastic (from the sewing kit – I think I ended up using about 5 yards total) in varying lengths to correlate with the groups of critters. Using the staple gun I tacked these to the boards. For the large animals, I tacked both sides separately, but for the small and medium groups, I used one staple to make an elastic loop.

Finally, I got to tuck all the critters into their little elastic harnesses. They look so cute.

The best part is that Ava can see each critter and reach most of them herself, so I don’t have to deal with the nightly stall tactic of “can you find …” followed by 10 minutes of searching through the pile of animals in the net that is above my head. But, the loops are also snug enough on most of them that she will have to work a little to get the critter out, so she can’t make a giant mess in the time it takes me to brush my teeth. BIG BONUS!

So what Pintrest project are you going to tackle? I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve linked this up


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2 responses to “Corralling the critters

  1. Kimberly

    February 2, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    Ha ha! How fun is that? It’s like using stuffed animals as wall art 🙂 Thanks for linking it. What a good solution. I’ve GOT to do stuff with ours – they are literally just CRAMMED in the closet in our play room.

  2. Jenny Baker

    October 19, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    I think that you are awesome for knowing how to drill holes and such… I don’t. but I think that maybe I will try this across my daughter’s wall with pushpins and elastic. the animals are not that heavy, so I think that it will hold!
    Thanks for the idea


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