I haven’t disappeared!

26 Mar

So it’s been FOREVER since I have posted and I have started to hear about that from some of you. Wow, I can’t tell you how amazing and humbling that is to know that you read my random ramblings and enjoy my little projects.

When last I wrote, I had plans to have a “spend free” month. That did not go so well. Just a few days after I set this goal, life changed. With that, so did our plans for a quiet February. I did stick to my word and did NO shopping in craft or dollar stores (at least for crafting supplies – the dollar store can’t be beat for things like paper towels).

The biggest change that February brought for our family is that Andrew received a new appointment as pastor of the UMC in Corning, IA. We will move there sometime towards the end of June and officially begin his appointment July 1.

Our new church!

I am so very proud of him and excited that he is ready for his own church. But the appointment came much sooner in the process than I expected and caused my planner mode (also known to some as OCD) to take over. I have only seen our new home once and already have a rough layout of where things will go and what colors to paint and so on. I have already been in contact with the schools to get things lined up for the girls. But now, that these things are done, and it’s too early to really start packing, I have to sit and wait. I am no good at waiting.

I keep trying to remind myself of this.

So I find myself thinking a lot about endings and leaving well. So many of our experiences here have been firsts, either for Andrew in his ministry or for our whole family. Andrew had a first wedding, a first funeral, a first confirmation class and most recently a first time to announce to his congregation that he will be leaving. As a family, in Indianola we experienced our first joint birthday party for the girls, first hot air balloon festival (and ride ~ Thanks Al!) and first week without Daddy while he was away for mission trips or continuing education. Now, things are turning to lasts. I don’t know about you, but I like beginnings a whole lot more than endings. There is excitement, anticipation, and even adventure to new beginnings.

Endings just feel sad and final. It breaks my heart to watch my children as they realize that with the excitement of our new home and new church comes the pain of leaving their friends and the people they have come to know and love in this church. And I am right there with them, as I type, I keep blinking back the tears that blur my screen. I think of leaving the wonderful group of ladies from the Beth Moore study I am leading this semester and I am saddened. I think of leaving the supportive ladies in my Mary Kay unit and I feel afraid. I think of leaving the MOPS group that I planted and have coordinated for the past two years and I ache. But I feel like in order to leave well, I need to pull back a bit from these groups I have been so invested in. I need to see them thrive without my interference, both for my own sense of peace and for the new leaders to find their own rhythm. I am trying to make the most of the relationships that I have built here, let people know that I love them and I have valued their friendship. But I also have to make sure that these same people understand that, after the move, I may be a bit distant. I will need to work hard to make good connections in the new field God has for me, and I need the people here to give the same to their new pastor and their family. It seems strange, but to be distant for a time is not an indication of how little value one has to me, but rather just how very important they are to my life.

I ask only for grace as I learn to navigate this difficult part of life in ministry. And I promise that my next post will be much more upbeat. Maybe even crafty! 🙂

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