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Wreath a month – February

Wreath a month – February

I posted earlier about my goal to make a new wreath for our front door each month this year. Here we are the day before the first of the month and I have a new wreath on my door already.

Here she is…

Since we are a Patriots family and the Super Bowl is this Sunday, I thought about doing a Patriots wreath. But I was much more in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll make a football themed wreath in the fall.

I started with foam pipe insulation, (you can buy them by the 4 pack already in the right length from Wal-Mart really cheap.) shaped it into a circle and secured the ends with packing tape (I STILL couldn’t find the duct tape. Maybe it’s time to buy some more.)

Next I used hot glue to secure the end of the white boa to the top of the form. Wrap the boa loosely so that it appears more full and fluffy. Then I did the hot pink in the same way on the bottom. For the light pink, I cut the boa in half and wrapped a piece around each of the sides. I like the ombre pattern this created.

The final step was to hang the ornament in the center and create a hanging loop. I separated  the white a bit to make it more uniform, but this left a bit of a gap that I just hid with the ribbon. I wish I would have had a nice wide ribbon on hand, but sometimes, you just gotta work with what you have.

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Corralling the critters

Corralling the critters

I am POSITIVE we can’t be the only family that is OVERRUN with stuffed animals. 

Right? Right?

Oh dear please tell me I’m right!

Here is the pile of critters that live in Ava’s room (to say nothing of Brady’s or the ones that stay in the playroom).

When Brady was a newborn and we only had a FEW stuffed friends, I made her a “pet net” out of some yellow gingham fabric that coordinated nicely with her nursery. Fast forward 5 years, the net is no longer cutting it.

I saw this genius solution on Pintrest


I thought this would be a perfect solution. Then I started looking in the random scraps of wood stored in the basement. I realized if I tweaked the design significantly, I could make this using what I had on hand.

We had three 4×1 boards that were about 3 feet long.


I painted them the same color as her walls and pre-drilled a hole in each end for mounting.

Then I mounted them on the wall with 2″ screws secured with drywall anchors.

Next came the sorting. I sorted the critters into three groups, small medium and large.

I cut strips of elastic (from the sewing kit – I think I ended up using about 5 yards total) in varying lengths to correlate with the groups of critters. Using the staple gun I tacked these to the boards. For the large animals, I tacked both sides separately, but for the small and medium groups, I used one staple to make an elastic loop.

Finally, I got to tuck all the critters into their little elastic harnesses. They look so cute.

The best part is that Ava can see each critter and reach most of them herself, so I don’t have to deal with the nightly stall tactic of “can you find …” followed by 10 minutes of searching through the pile of animals in the net that is above my head. But, the loops are also snug enough on most of them that she will have to work a little to get the critter out, so she can’t make a giant mess in the time it takes me to brush my teeth. BIG BONUS!

So what Pintrest project are you going to tackle? I’d love to hear about it.

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Name that family

Name that family

A few years back I made some necklaces as Christmas gifts for the gals in my family.

You know, like these…

Here is a place to buy a great tutorial for making your own!

Well, the family loved them. And I could make tons more (and probably will someday). But in the meantime, I have a scrabble game with a handful of missing tiles that now lives in my craft dresser.

Last week, I found this frame sitting in a box in the basement.

Not really my style, just a bit TOO girly for me.

Hmm… Light-bulb!

I removed the mat and the glass.

Then I used the back of the frame to cut a piece of scrapbook paper down to size.

I laid out my design to be sure that it was centered in the frame.

After a bit of hot glue on the back of each tile I was good to go!

I used a piece of my daughter’s play gold to make sure the spaces between the tiles was even.

The frame had a few dings and scratches from being tossed in a box all this time, so I lightly sanded all the edges to make it have an uneven distressed look.

Here is the finished product in its new home.

I really wish the wall around it wasn’t white, but that my friends, is a project for another day.

The girls love seeing their names up on the wall, and Brady has even tried to add up the number values of each name. Who knew my crafting would help her with beginner’s math?


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Wreath a month – January

We don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions in our family. But I do like to try to set some goals. This year I have some big goals.

One of them is to have a new wreath on our front door each month.

I feel a little guilty that I didn’t get one done for January until the 13th. But I insist that the inner-perfectionist is not going to win this battle. There is a wreath on the door. I made it (for FREE). And I love it. THAT is all that really matters.

Here she is…

I started with a simple wire coat hanger. I cut the hook off, shaped it into a circle and secured the ends with electrical tape (I couldn’t find the duct tape.)

Then I selected ribbons from my stash in some form of a color scheme. Most of the ribbon I have has been purchased with the intent of making hair bows, so there is a lot of pink and purple. I also added a few strips of fleece leftover from making blankets like these for my nephews and niece for Christmas. I cut the strips between 4 and 8 inches long depending on how wide and stiff they were. Then I just knotted them on. Some are single knots and others are double knotted to vary the direction of the tails a bit.

I tried to make it as random as possible, though for a recovering perfectionist, that can be tough sometimes. When I had the whole form covered and was happy with the overall design, I cut the tails to V cuts to even them up a bit and make the whole thing overall a bit cleaner. I normally ALWAYS heat-treat ribbon ends, but if these ends fray I think it will just add to the “scrappy” charm.

The final step was to add a LONG ribbon for a hanger. I just knotted it on to the form just like the other ribbons and tied off the open end to form a large loop.

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DIY Spray-painted Vase

It doesn’t feel much like winter here in Iowa. We really haven’t had much snow and it has been unseasonably warm. Believe me, I’m not complaining. But all this warm weather (and green grass) has me thinking about spring.

As I was wondering through my local Wal-Mart this morning, I spotted their fresh-cut flowers and their vibrant colors just screamed at me to grab them.

So with apologies to my husband (who HATES tulips) I grabbed a lovely orange bunch.

But now I need to have something equally pretty to put them in – the pink milk powder container just isn’t cutting it.

I had this vase in the cupboard and thought that I could make it more interesting. I’ve seen these painted jars on Pintrest.

Doesn't everyone craft with the help of curious kittens? Hi Snarf!

I figured that would look great with my new vase. But I am not a huge fan of my own handwriting. So I made a quick printable on picnik and slipped it inside my vase as a guide. And used my glue gun to trace the letters and the heart.

Here’s how it looked

IMPORTANT: When your can of spray paint warns you to make sure your object is free of dirt, dust, and grease. That also means fingerprints. I seem to have ignored this warning and so my resulting paint job is a tad uneven in places.

I gave the vase 3 coats of glossy white paint and I am loving the result.

What do you think?

Oh, one last tip: I added a teaspoon of bleach to the water before I placed the flowers in the vase. This will keep the bacteria production at a minimum and will extend the life of your flowers. 

This is my first time trying a link up party. Wish me luck!

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Yarn wrapped letter on the cheap

The newest edition to my living room decor.

So I’m sure you have seen a million of these yarn wrapped letters around blog-land. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

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