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No More Fighting!

Yes, I have in fact shouted this across the house more than once today. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

I found this great idea over at A girl and a glue gun and I loved how simple it seems. So here is my interpretation.

My stash of scrapbook paper is either boring solids or all holiday themed, so instead I created some printables with picnik.

This was my first adventure with this, but it was so much fun to play around with. Thanks again goes to Kim  for her tutorial, she really made the process fool-proof.

The most important step in creating a set of printables that will coordinate is to click continue editing after you save your changes.

After printing I attached each sheet to a long piece of cardboard that I cut from an old box. Then I “laminated” it with clear packing tape and hot glued some disk magnets on the back so that I can stick it to the garage door.

I also made each girl a personalized clothespin clip to keep track of their progress each day.

Glitter will adhere to the acrylic paint if you apply it while the paint is still wet if you want a subtle shimmer. I wanted more pronounced glitter, so after they paint had dried, I painted on a coat of Mod Podge and then covered with glitter.

Hint: attach your clothespins to a paint brush or pencil when painting so you don't end up painted too.

Finally, I took a Mason jar and made a choose your own reward system. As a family, we generated ideas for what would make good rewards. We came up with quite a variety. Some are low or no cost options and others can be a bit on the spendy side. I may re-print them on different colors to designate value of reward. We’ll see how this works for now.

After cutting the options into strips, I curled them around a pencil to conceal what is written on each to ensure fairness.

These rewards will not only be given for reaching the top of the discipline chart, but for doing great things at school such as finishing a new reading unit or a good report card.

If you would like to make a chart of your own, here are the printable downloads.

Note: to save ink, I had mine printed at Walmart for $1.75. Cheap and ensures that the colors are uniform.

Thanks for stopping by!

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