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Wreath a month – January

We don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions in our family. But I do like to try to set some goals. This year I have some big goals.

One of them is to have a new wreath on our front door each month.

I feel a little guilty that I didn’t get one done for January until the 13th. But I insist that the inner-perfectionist is not going to win this battle. There is a wreath on the door. I made it (for FREE). And I love it. THAT is all that really matters.

Here she is…

I started with a simple wire coat hanger. I cut the hook off, shaped it into a circle and secured the ends with electrical tape (I couldn’t find the duct tape.)

Then I selected ribbons from my stash in some form of a color scheme. Most of the ribbon I have has been purchased with the intent of making hair bows, so there is a lot of pink and purple. I also added a few strips of fleece leftover from making blankets like these for my nephews and niece for Christmas. I cut the strips between 4 and 8 inches long depending on how wide and stiff they were. Then I just knotted them on. Some are single knots and others are double knotted to vary the direction of the tails a bit.

I tried to make it as random as possible, though for a recovering perfectionist, that can be tough sometimes. When I had the whole form covered and was happy with the overall design, I cut the tails to V cuts to even them up a bit and make the whole thing overall a bit cleaner. I normally ALWAYS heat-treat ribbon ends, but if these ends fray I think it will just add to the “scrappy” charm.

The final step was to add a LONG ribbon for a hanger. I just knotted it on to the form just like the other ribbons and tied off the open end to form a large loop.

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