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Wreath a month – February

Wreath a month – February

I posted earlier about my goal to make a new wreath for our front door each month this year. Here we are the day before the first of the month and I have a new wreath on my door already.

Here she is…

Since we are a Patriots family and the Super Bowl is this Sunday, I thought about doing a Patriots wreath. But I was much more in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll make a football themed wreath in the fall.

I started with foam pipe insulation, (you can buy them by the 4 pack already in the right length from Wal-Mart really cheap.) shaped it into a circle and secured the ends with packing tape (I STILL couldn’t find the duct tape. Maybe it’s time to buy some more.)

Next I used hot glue to secure the end of the white boa to the top of the form. Wrap the boa loosely so that it appears more full and fluffy. Then I did the hot pink in the same way on the bottom. For the light pink, I cut the boa in half and wrapped a piece around each of the sides. I like the ombre pattern this created.

The final step was to hang the ornament in the center and create a hanging loop. I separated  the white a bit to make it more uniform, but this left a bit of a gap that I just hid with the ribbon. I wish I would have had a nice wide ribbon on hand, but sometimes, you just gotta work with what you have.

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